About us

Mission statement

  • Apply latest innovative software technologies to improve existing systems and processes in the financial industry
  • Develop new knowledge and education material at the intersection between the IT and other domains such as Finance & Economics
  • Produce a new generation of thinkers able to carry out multidisciplinary research and development projects spanning across the traditional disciplines of IT and Business

Some History

The FinanceIT group started with Fethi Rabhi joining the School of Information Systems, Technology and Management (at UNSW Faculty of Commerce and Economics) then getting involved in the Capital Markets Cooperative Research Centre bid at the end of 2000. Several projects in the area of interoperability of financial systems started after the bid was successful. These projects included Sirca, SMARTS and Computershare as industry partners. After a large DEST Innovation Science Linkage grant was obtained in 2007, the focus shifted towards large-scale financial market data analysis.

In 2010, the group moved to the School of Computer Science and Engineering (Faculty of Engineering) and started working in event studies and event processing systems as part of the Smart Services Cooperative Research Centre. Between 2007 and 2014, the main industry partner has been Sirca in collaboration with Thomson Reuters. Since 2015, the group has been interacting directly with industry on a range of project involving big data analytics.

The FinanceIT team currently comprises around 10 researchers. Key international academic partners include Frankfurt eFinance Institute, Karlsruhe Service Research Institute, the University of Paderborn and the Manchester Business School.