Education and Software

We firmly believe in creating strong bonds between teaching and research activities. Therefore, we are engaged in many teaching activities at UNSW involving project work, teamwork and multi-disciplinary knowledge:

  • Project work: our contribution is in providing problem-driven and customer-centric contexts in many projects. We believe that dealing with real-life requirements is an important aspect of software engineering education
  • Teamwork: as software systems are becoming increasingly complex, our contribution has been to encourage knowledge sharing and working as part of a team which are essential attributes of any software professional
  • Multi-disciplinary knowledge: as software systems become prevalent in all walks of life, we encourage students to have an open attitude and be able to acquire new knowledge outside their discipline to be able to tackle real problems and deliver quality solutions.

This approach is reflected in the development and teaching of software engineering workshops, Honours and postgraduate supervision and in the elaboration of multidisciplinary curriculum modules.

A number of sites and software products have been developed for educational purposes:

We also organised the ANZ Data Science Challenge. See video here.